Saturday, November 1, 2014

doTERRA, FDA and Compliance Issues

I don't believe I've gained many/any "followers" on Google Friend Connect since I began posting about doTERRA.  It's interesting how this blog began as complete randomness so I could enter online contests and such by posting to my "blog".  So I created this!  Then it turned into a book review blog, as there was a space of time where all I did was read fiction.  Then I shifted to non-fiction, and my life was turned upside down, 180°.  I opened up A Major Shift as a space to evaluate what was going on.  And then I rolled into a doTERRA career, and began writing as a way to support my team members without overloading their inboxes.  They could come here and read if they wished, as well as anyone else who wanted to learn from our experiences.

The Food and Drug Administration is the agency that keeps locks and tabs about various claims and what we can and cannot say regarding a substance we put into or on our bodies.  In essence, our freedom of speech in this realm is guarded.  I'm not going to comment on that further.

In order to avoid compliance issues or loss of my business, I have pulled all or most of my doTERRA related posts, and will be editing them for compliance, and then reposting them at  You are free to follow and GFC with that blog, or read along online.  I will try to repost to the Active Healing Oil Team Facebook page as well, or simply provide the link back.

It will be a slow and arduous process, as I have over 50 doTERRA-related posts, but hopefully it will benefit someone!  If you have any questions related to oils and would like to ask, please don't hesitate to do so.

Thanks for reading along thus far!  God bless!


Friday, April 4, 2014

Spot It! Awesome! (Review)

Today I got to spend a little time in my son's class at school.  He's in an Extended Day Kindergarten class to help bolster up some skills, before going on to 1st grade.  His teacher had me spend a little time with the kids playing this:

It's a card game where you pull out two cards, and the kids try to find a matching letter or shape, one on each card.  There are six shapes/letters on each card, and you're guaranteed to find a matching combo out of any card in the set.  The teacher has them slap the table when they find it, and if they guess it, they keep the cards.  The one with the most cards at the end wins!  

I had so much fun playing this with the kids, that we didn't want to quit!  I came home and looked it up on Amazon right away.  Highly recommend!  I could see the whole family having some fun with this.  

5 stars!

Monday, December 9, 2013

GIMP/TubeDimmer Download Review - AVOID THIS PRODUCT!!!

I downloaded some free photo editing software this past weekend.  I thought it would be a great alternative to Photoshop.  I actually also downloaded it 18 months ago, and forgot I had it on my computer.  It apparently is comparable to Photoshop, but unfortunately I have no Photoshop skills, so I had no clue how to use it.  (Hence not using it/forgetting it for 18 months.)

So this past weekend I tried again.  I'm about to open up a new website for my doTERRA team, and have some projects I'm hoping to work on.  A friend pointed out the free GIMP software, and after a few days I figured it was probably safe to download.

I used the Advance Downloading options, intending to avoid the toolbars and unnecessary shortcuts being added to my screen.  All appeared ok until I realized I still have no idea how to use the program.  A day or so later, when going to view my blogs, I found that several words were double underlined, and when I'd hover over the lines, I'd have these ads from a site called "".  What the heck???  A pop-up movie ad player would pop up when I scrolled to the bottom of the page as well.  The thought of having my blog readers being bombarded with ads disgusted me, so I've spent the last two days trying to get rid of this crap!

First thing I tried was getting rid of the GIMP.  The odd thing was, when I downloaded it, there was a notice that I was now agreeing to TubeDimmer, and if I removed my cookies, it would re-activate?  WHAT???  It was the most bizarre message.  I had no idea what to do to get around this "agree to suck it up" message.  So I got rid of everything that was downloaded the same day as the GIMP, and went to sleep.

This morning I woke up and the double underlined hyperlinks were still on my blog.  Heck, it was still on ANY site I'd navigate to.  So I logged into my Comcast account and downloaded the Norton Antivirus software and Constant Guard.  Restarted the computer.  Still there!!!

At one point when re-starting my browser, I noticed a small bit of writing somewhere near the URL space that flashed the words "Tube Dimmer".  That was one of the programs I thought I uninstalled!  It's still here!!!  So I googled, "How do I get rid of Tube Dimmer?" and there was a forum for instructions given by others infected with this malware.  Some were saying they were infected after visiting websites.  One other person commented they seemed to get it after downloading the GIMP freeware.  Some said about a website called TwoCow or something like that.  (Never heard of it.)

The bulk of the instructions are this:  Go to your Control Panel (on the Start menu), and click on Uninstall Programs.  When the menu comes up, use the search box (top right of page) and type in "Creative Island Media".   When it comes up (and it will!), click the Uninstall button near the top of the box.

For me, it didn't stop the problem until I re-started my computer.  I'm hoping and praying that's the trick!  I'm usually pretty careful about clicking on links and avoiding all appearances of malware, adware, spyware, etc.  But if it's infiltrating and other commonly used sites, everyone'd better look out.  Thank God it's gone so far.  I was praying (and still am!) that it would stay away!!!

UPDATE: This morning I opened up my computer, and the crap was back!  I found another few bits of info that I missed on how to get it off of my web browsers as an add on.  After following the steps, I'm hoping it's gone for good!  Here's the link to that article, and I'll paste the full link so you can be sure if you want to click on it or not! ;) 

ZERO Oreos to GIMP software.  It might work if you know how to use Photoshop already, but it's not worth the risk, unless they detach from this adware crap.  Whether or not they're intentionally connected I can't say for sure, but it appeared so.  Good luck, and be forewarned!!!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Perfect Fit, DiCarlo Brides Series Book 1, by Heather Tullis

It's been a long time since I picked up a romance novel.  This one was quite a find.

I read the whole thing on my phone!  (Love the Kindle app!)  Cami DiCarlo and her sister discover a most surprising secret: their dad was a cheater!  He had affairs with at least six women, and fathered six daughters!  Their lives were uprooted when learning this new surprise after his funeral, and his will dictated that they all live together in a remote Colorado town in order to claim their inheritances.  They would have to work together to continue his legacy in hotel and resort building, and after a year of this adventure, they would receive their inheritances, and they could go their separate ways.

Cami is less than pleased, and the reader walks through her troubling journey of learning to accept that her father was not who he led her to believe, but also attempting to find the goodness in her sisters.  From day one of the experiment, Cami meets Vince, handsome "lawnboy", and an eventful journey begins.

I enjoyed this book pleasantly.  The idea was clever, the writing was well done, and the fine details were intricate.  I recommend it as a great "cell phone read" - something you can pick up while waiting for the bus, sitting in the car, or whatever works for you.  It wasn't a nail biter by any means, but a nice "sweet romance", good for general audiences of all types.  And it's free on Amazon at the date of this post!

I give it four Mint Oreos!

p.s. - Looking forward to catching the next ones, also available at Amazon at very affordable rates.

p.s.s. - I was not reimbursed in any way for this review.  All opinions are of course solely mine.  


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